Super Full Moon takes guesswork out of energy shifts

full moon on a dark sky

The Super Full Moon takes the guesswork out of shifting the family stuff out of your life and healing generations. The Super Full Moon can bring emotions to the surface, intensifying both the positive and challenging feelings. Use this opportunity for emotional healing, self-care, and nurturing your soul. Allow the moon’s energy to guide you toward emotional balance and inner harmony.

This is the first of 3 Summer Super Moons (July 3, August 1, and August 30) and the Earth’s gravitational pull is creating a step by step energy shift. This is phase one and my professional recommendation is that you get on it and take this opportunity before August first.

How do you know that you are caught up in this awesomeness? Here are a few of the signs

  • Headaches or high levels of worry or anxiety
  • Repeating thoughts about thing your parents said that really hurt you
  • High Pitch ringing is intense and mostly constant
  • Noticing that what you are doing in your life is something that your mother / father did that you said you would not do ~ yet here you are
  • A deep feeling that life had not been fair to you and there is a great injustice that needs to be righted ~ yet you can’t quite put your finger on it.
  • Anger, resentment, and negative thinking patterns that seem uncontrollable or relentless
  • An intense feeling of “I am so done” because your are tired of all this shadow work . . . be glad you did the shadow work because this is the payoff time. Take the next step!

It is up to you my sensitive empath. You have waited long enough to burst into a more joyful and happy life. Now the Universe is in full support of that journey. Do the work, release the past, and train your brain to move forward. If you decide that you need a helping hand I urge you to find a perfect time for us to get together by clicking here.

P.S. Remember that how your experience the world is up to you! I prefer the path of least resistance. You? Also there are spots available on July 4th. 

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