The Mystery of Now is Happening

How come things seem so fast and crazy?

Your ancestors have more answers for you to guide you through your current relationships, the reasons, behind money matters, and why repeat patterns keep appearing in your job.

We are in between the space of the Sirius Portal and the Lion’s Gate and all sensitive empaths are feeling it.

  • Disturbed sleep patterns
  • Bizarre dreams with dysfunctional themes
  • Experiencing strange financial issues
  • Unexplained ending to long term relationships
  • Longing to connected with deceased parents or loved ones
  • Fatigue and emotional exhaustion.

These are all symptoms of the evolution of our planet and our souls. The time is now to listen to the ancestors and glean their wisdom.

Let’s connect and discover the messages that are waiting for you. I look forward to meeting you.


P.S. I almost forgot, I am looking forward to hearing you story and what is happening for you right now. I am inviting you personally, here is how we can meet up. Find a time here and them mark your calendar. I will see you soon.

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