Collective Consciousness Reading For the Week of September 10, 2023.

Jupiter and Uranus bring transformation this week in the area of self-worth. Looming issues with physical health can manifest this week along with a sense of change in emotions. For daily card readings follow me on Instagram.

This week you will notice that self-worth and transformation about how you feel about yourself is bringing you to the cusp of change in your relationships. All kinds of relationships are creating a focus on our heart and the depth in which we can actually feel our emotions. This week will be particularly transformative so pay attention to how you feel and how often you feel ~ or are you emotionally withdrawn and distant? 

What is in store for this week? The Moon moves from Cancer into Leo bringing courage to express emotions with ease and grace. Sensitive Souls that are on the cusp of embracing your sensitivities catch the 😊 Monday special here There are only three slots available. 🎉

Aries:  The card for this week is Treasure Island. What treasures are within you and have not been fully expressed in the world? You have a talent deep down inside. Dust it off and bring it forward. If you can not think of your talent or are having challenges connecting schedule a personal reading right away you will find the clue that awaits you. Click here to claim your spot!

Taurus: The card of the week is Come to the Edge. Personal power and personal enrichment are your friends this week. Notice what is serving you and what is better left in the dust. Do not be hasty in your decisions. This is a time to have the inner knowing at the center of your decision making. If your curious about your financial challenges get a glimpse here

Gemini: The card of the week is Deep Knowing. If you feel like there is something deeper going on within ~ there is. Seek those who understand and support you emotionally. It is the resonance within that is aligning the people in your life. Get the special pricing this week by clicking here. 

Cancer: The card of the week is Never Ending Story. Have you noticed your thoughts turning toward inner peacefulness? Have you stopped watching certain TV shows, or find yourself looking at social media less. Inside there is an emotional growth. Tend to it this week, and if there is an ouchie spot let’s touch bases – click here to find a time. 

Leo: The card of the week is Breathe. Leo you may find it challenging this week as the energy aligns with your emotional and physical heart. The Universe is asking you to open up a bit, and accept help removing the splinter in your paw. Curious why you are challenged? Get a little insight today, click here.

Virgo: The card of the week is Not For You. The Sun and Mercury are in retrograde in your sign and you may be feeling physically if not emotionally drained. It is a good time to take in your beautiful surroundings, find a safe place to spend some time alone reading or writing in your journal. Add a good mix of socializing with those closes to you to maintain your balance this week. When financial issues appear to come out of nowhere, a reading is in order. Click here for the best pricing. 

Libra: The card of the week is Thinker. Well there you have it, a sign that is a big thinker in a week that is asking you to tend to your heart and your emotions. Focus on your breath and allow your heart mind to rise up and grasp some air time. The heart will tell you which direction to your ultimate motivation Inner peace insights are available here, grab a spot now.

Scorpio: The card of the week is Yang. Movement and creative activity has the power to move you forward this week. There is a feminine divine aspect to your movement that incorporates the heart. If your future feels uncertain in the moving forward grab a personal recorded reading so you can review it anytime by clicking here.

Sagittarius:  The card of the week is Flexible. Notice that new and different things are coming into your life, or perhaps back into your life. This is not a time to feel displaced. It is knowing that you are being given a leg up by the Universe.  If the pieces of the puzzle are right in front of you and you are still scratching your head for clues, try one of the new 3 card readings that are recorded for you to keep and refer back to. Click here to get started right away!

Capricorn: The card of the week is New Life! All the intensity that you are feeling can be directed toward the best life ever! No matter what you see in front of you. Mars is the pot stirrer so to speak, so take aim at what you desire and pave the way for the Universe to fill in the gaps. An Akashic Records Tarot reading can help you see the reason for the past and how it is ushering in change now. Ready to find out what is around the next corner? The reading is recorded and available at listen to at your leisure, to select a day click here. 

Aquarius:  The card of the week is Peace, and the second card is Observer. The question to ask this week is where is your peace within, and how are you allowing yourself to feel secure? Emotions will run high this week. Use your logic to run your finances, and engage good boundaries with working with others over financial issues. Clarity is a wonderful things, and being able to receive it at your leisure is even better. Try the new trendy card reading with recording by clicking here.

Pisces: The card of the week is Not For You and, the second card is Exchanging Gifts. It is time to roll up the proverbial shirt sleeves and dig into your life where you feel the most called. It is easy and effortless for you to create this week and check things off the list. Use this week to move yourself forward and engage in wealth building. If past karma is clouding your judgment clear and transmute the energy early in the week, a few time slots are left, click here to secure one.

I teach spiritual seekers & sensitive souls who are ready to come out of the chaos, to master a unique, confident, direct path to personal empowerment. Because most are unclear, confused & floundering just like everyone else, so they’re not discovering the power within.
Deanna Gloyd for extraordinary spiritual seekers
I teach spiritual seekers & sensitive souls who are ready to come out of the chaos, to master a unique, confident, direct path to personal empowerment. Because most are unclear, confused & floundering just like everyone else, so they’re not discovering the power within.
I help you confidently communicate your personal boundaries, accelerate your spiritual growth, and illuminate low-self esteem.  So you can be the beautiful divine being that you came here to be.  

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