Six planets retrograde and a dark moon don’t go crazy, do this instead

stars in the sky during night time

Today, September 13, 2023 we have six planets in retrograde and a dark moon.

What does that mean? Well it means that emotions are high and extremely volatile.

As you have probably felt by now emotions, dramatic energy shifts, and situations that have been stuck for years are now beginning to flow. Where you previously couldn’t see a way out, there are now subtle glimpses of paths to take.

If you are feeling it, and I do mean literally, this is a time to get yourself into a place of receivership and release all the toxic drama from your life. You physical health literally depends on it.

The alignment of the planets for the next 4 months ~ September to December ~ are there to help us participate in an internal alchemy. If you allow yourself to be in a place of receivership then you will notice your life taking great leaps into a reality that you have always wanted – no matter what you see in front of you.

Simply put the frequency of the earth is shifting and you are also. The dynamic propulsion of taking you to a place that you can feel with your whole heart and your body is happening right now, and the only way there is to see what has been blocking you and get it resolved. That could mean legal situations, living situations, deep emotions from childhood trauma, or feeling abandoned by the Universe, and not being able to trust anyone including yourself.

If any of this resonates, or sound familiar, and you are ready to embrace the release, ready to do the work, and feel a thousand times better, schedule a complementary strategy session so we can see what is going on for you and how to get you headed in the right direction. OR if you are ready to get the gunk out click here to schedule an energy clearing session where we will destabilized the energy imprints that have been keeping you stuck. Ready?

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