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Supermoon 2023 Ready to Experience Peace? Here is how.

Here is what one of my clients has to say last week after our session, “I want to thank you so very much for the time that we spent in our meeting last week. Since last Friday I have felt a huge shift in, well, everything! My anxiety has gone from debilitating . . . to almost non existent. Just like that! I kept wanting to pinch myself to make sure it was still me. I am! I am relaxed, thinking clearly, and am even finding that humous self that’s been missing for quite sometime. Thank you again so very much!” ~ Name withheld Denver, CO.

If you have been feeling the anxiety, frustration, and exhaustion during the last several weeks, then get ready for a time of reprieve. Many of you have felt the breeze of changed and the shift into a more peaceful state.

You may be saying to yourself, “Phew! At last!” And in that you would be correct, only do not be fooled as we have another year and five months of these energy fluxes that are preparing us for the next level of living a truly peaceful and joyous life.

Most likely the energy will have you feeling most at peace on Friday, September 29th when the last supermoon of 2023 appears in the evening sky with it’s friends Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter is pulling back on the reigns and keeping us from running amuck, and Saturn is steering us full steam ahead to make sure we get the job done. And them there is Mercury keeping everything going round and round.

So how do you get off the merry-go-round and generate peace in your life, still your mind, and walk forward in faith? By clearing the generational karma of things like emotions around money, generational curses in relationships like empath and narcissist get married and don’t live happily ever after, and now your stuck attracting them / narcissist also, and other generational hexes and curses that show up along our path in manifesting love.

Spiritual seekers, it doesn’t have to be this way. There is actually a very simple technique that can transmute and clear the energy from your energy field and release you into living a more joy filled life.

If you are anything like my client, and you are ready to shed the shed the anxiety then select your best time to get together here. Together we will find out what is causing your to feel held back, or stuck, or like you want to go home, and anchor you into taking your power back on a day to day basis. I have felt stuck too, and once I found this simple technique working with the energies and Akashic Records my life got so much better, and it did not take long at all.

Why work with me? I have been a spiritual seeker, teacher, and mentor for over 7,000 individual clients in one to one sessions. And that is covering a lot of ground. If you are anything like my other clients who were burnt out, experiencing some health issues, not finding satisfying relationships, and felt blocked in having enough money and feeling secure, and you are ready to transform your life into a happier experience. Then take the opportunity today. I will not be offering one to one session for much longer as I move toward serving even more spiritual seekers through workshops, personal healing circles, and publicly hosted events. So may sure that you get in before time gets away from you. My personal calendar is here.

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