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Full moon in Taurus ♉Tips to unlock the Mysteries

Evolution and change is happening very quickly as you know. This weeks collective consciousness reading includes tips for handling the mysterious things that you may be experiencing, what the full moon in Taurus is ushering in, plus a few tips on how to stay in the flow and receive divine inspiration and blessings! Stay on the leading edge by watching now!

Are you wondering what your angels, guides, or ancestors are telling you right now? They have been through create transitions including world wars and great depressions. All of them are sending you signals, repetitive number sequences, deja vu’s, and repeating ideas. What are you doing with this information? 

If you are unable to here this for yourself and need your channel tuned so to speak:

  • On October 31st you can join me here


And as always if you have a specific questions, hit click contact and send me a note. 

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