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Spiritual Awakening Academy Course One

Welcome the Spiritual Awakening Academy! This course is designed for you if you are ready to embrace your spiritual gifts and define your place in the Universe. To begin you will learn how to upgrade and protect your energy. There are three recorded classes, and one live Akashic Records training. You will receive email invites to live Q&A’s, two each month.


Spiritual Awakening Academy Course Two


Spiritual Awakening Academy Course Three


Spiritual Awakening Academy Course Four


Spiritual Awakening Academy Course Five


Spiritual Awakening Academy Course Six

group of friends sitting behind a bonfire

Room of Comfort for All Light Workers

My gift to you. I would like to invite you to attend a virtual energy clearing and reset your energy.

Here is what to expect:
Sitting near a virtual fire and throwing all past hurts, karma, and unwanted energies into the flames.
Energy Cleansing Mediation
Welcoming light into your heart
time lapse 35 minutes

Who have enjoyed this?

Highly Sensative People
Star Seeds
Life Coaches / Transformational Coaches
Energy Workers
Tarot Readers
Past life record readers
Holistic Medicine Practitioners
Psychic Healers
Customer Service Reps
and many others



SAC: Creating a Compelling Future Course Seven


The Secret to Transforming Your Life: The Four Pillars of Manifesting

Understanding what is blocking you from manifesting and creating the life of your dreams can create an everyday freedom beyond your wildest dreams.

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