Energy Shift Inner Circle!

 It is time to wake up the world! The planets have aligned, and it is by no accident that it happening now.

The alignment of the planets is meant to wake up and nourish sensitives, empaths, and Star Seeds. Are you ready to level up?  We meet every Wednesday at 7:30 PM Mountain time. 

Join my Inner Circle ~ We meet every Wednesday to talk about the energies, everyday life, and using our divine gifts!

What's to love about being an Inner Circle Member?

Drag & Drop Email & Landing Page Designer
Weekly Real time discussions about the energy shifts

Schumann Resonance Frequency can help us understand our mood swings, inability to sleep, and world events.

Industry-Leading Deliverability
Freedom to Express Yourself with Like Minded Thinkers

Sensitives, empaths, and Star Seeds can feel alone and isolated in the world. Here is a space and place to belong with like minded souls and let it all go . . 

Prebuilt Template Library
Creating a Life with Intention
Engage life's magic, flow your power,  live with purpose. And while your at it kick anxiety, depression, and self doubt to the curb.
Award-Winning Customer Service
Stay Ahead of the Curve

Energy Shifts are fast. If you know what is coming and how to express it fully you can harness the magic!

Free Migration Services
Discover your Spiritual Gifts

Your spirit guides and angels are sending you signs and signals each day. Learn more each week so you can communicate more clearly.

Campaign Automations
Expand into the Now

What once was impossible is now possible. Unlimited energy is the in the heartbeat of the earth. . . and it's waiting on you.

Surrounding yourself with like minded people will raise your vibration!

It is finally back!

Monthly payments of 

$18.88 / mo

*if you miss a week, you will have access to the recordings. Meetings are held on a Zoom platform, Facebook Group connection, plus discounts on classes and session.


Sign up before March 3rd and get the first month at $15

Pricing Features
Upload an image of yourself. Recommended size: 375x325


The Universe is rearranging itself for your best interest right now.


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