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Welcome to the Frequency (pun intended) Asked Questions page.

Booking a session online.

First click on the link to access the online booking system.

Second, you will be guided to select a service (one hour appointment). 

Second, you will then be guided to select a time from the calendar. 

Third, you will be guided to select a time.

Next, you will be asked to register.

To register use your👉current email address👈and put it in the “enter your email” box, then select next at the bottom. 
The system will guide you to create an account with your details including a phone number. ✅ Be sure to write down your password so you can access your account and add additional appointment times.

Select the Time Zone you live in!

🧭 Once you have selected a service, chosen a date and time, made an approved payment, an email will automatically be sent to show you the date and time.
See you soon!

😃 If you have pre-paid for an appointment check your email for a coupon code. The follow the same directions as listed above 😃 except 👉at checkout it will ask you to make a payment or enter a coupon code. Enter the code I sent to you in the email.  
The system will then show a zero balance. Congratulations you did it!

🧭 The online system will book your appointment based on your time zone. Look for that setting when creating your account.

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