For Heaven’s Sake Fair


Are you struggling with your life purpose?

Are you feeling drained and out of energy?

Is your romantic life in need of an upgrade?

Let’s create your best life together!

The Secrets to Shifting Your Energy and Embracing Your Best Life Ever Revealed!

I remember coming to the crossroads in my life — feeling lost, without purpose, and out of energy!

Searching for answers, looking for a better tomorrow, wondering what life was all about and why I couldn’t seem to get out of an endless cycle of frustration, low self-esteem, and feeling helpless to move forward!

For Heavens May 2015 Fair

It is time to be more Fully Alive and Thrive using Akashic Records Wisdom!  Akashic Records reveal to you exactly what has been blocking you and align you to start living a fuller, richer, healthier, and more abundant life!

At this event you will receive information about the secrets your Akashic Records hold that are affecting your life right now, have those energies dissolved, and learn how to build a more positive, purposeful, and joyous life right now!

Deanna Gloyd is a Metaphysician, Spiritual Mentor, and Transformational Coach with over a decade of experience in her field. Her specialty is working with Highly Sensitive People and Spiritually Gifted and Advancing People to reach their highest Divine potential.

Akashic Records Wisdom Success Stories:

“[With] Deanna, I have had numerous one-on-one readings. Every time I have had a reading I have left feeling much lighter energetically and much more confident in what direction to take my life path. Deanna truly is a blessing to the spiritual community. I would- and do- highly recommend her to anyone looking for a wonderful intuitive experience.” Madison Reynolds, Denver CO

“Our session with Deanna was one of the most remarkable encounters we’ve experienced. She has a beautiful, calming and loving warmth that is felt easily.  She connected very quickly to Spirit and was able to provide clarity, insight, and perspective that we didn’t otherwise have.  Deanna was able to speak to specifics in our lives that only we would know in our family situation, confirming for us, without a doubt, that she was working with and conveying messages from her Spiritual connectivity.” Linda S., Dallas, TX

This a Limited Time Offer on May 24, 2015 only at For Heaven’s Sake Books in Denver of $60  $30 for half hour, or $100 for $60 for one hour!

Call the store to reserve your spot before they are all gone! (303) 964-9339! Event time is from 11 AM to 5 PM. 


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