How I Can Help

What I Can Do—

Here is a list of services that I can provide:

  • Read and clear energy from your Akashic Records
  • Psychic Medium
  • Talk to your Angels, Guides, and Higher Self
  • House Clearings: either energy, entities, or ghosts
  • Help you shield from psychic attacks
  • Remove curses, hexes, or spells
  • Remove energy or spiritual blocks from your business success
  • Medical intuitive
  • Interpret dreams

Here are a list of what you can learn from me:

  • How to shield yourself from psychic attack
  • How to read Akashic Records
  • How to dowse or work with a pendulum
  • How to connect with SPIRIT / God / Source
  • How to shift your personal energy and connect with your soul mate
  • How to shift your personal energy and create the job / career of your dreams
  • How to meditate and still your mind for laser point focus
  • How to increase your restful sleep
  • How to shield and protect your energy, to help you get started click here to download a free tool

This work can be done and experienced anywhere – even if we can connect by phone – the service can be done. I know, good news right?
Here is how to connect:

  • Book an appointment here: I am ready to set a time to meet! Sign me up!
  • Come to For Heaven Sake’s Books: That sounds great! What is the address?
  • I want to know more about you Deanna: Great, then let’s meet up here!
  • I have a question and could use some more help

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