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My daughter means the world to me, I need help.

My daughter means the world to me, I need help.

My daughter has cognitive brain disorder, and has been classified as special needs. That means that she would get support in the classroom so can have an education that is accessible to her. 

The school system has let my daughter fall through cracks as far as learning by passing her from grade level to grade level without making sure she understands the material, and receiving the education that she is entitled to. 

I am desperately trying to get her caught up so she can function in the adult world. I have literally followed every possible procedure offered to me through the school district system and now have come to the point that I need a lawyer.

A lawyer would give Julia a voice and me the extra strength that I need to get her everything that she needs until the day she graduates. Her education is vital to her being able to function in the world that we live in. 

Please help. I appreciate you all, any amount is greatly appreciated. God bless you.
✨Update $1080  has been raised (thankful!) to get a lawyer and help right the wrong. School begins in 8 days, and there is not a working IEP in place (meaning there is no game plan in place for her academic advancement). 

With both fund raisers in place we have reached $1080 of the $2k required to get the lawyer started 🎁  leaving $920.

Please donate with any amount that you can. Help me give my daughter a voice that will be heard. 

There is no help being received from the father. 

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