3 Card Readings


$26 USD.

You may be uncertain about a relationship, a current job situation, or health issues. A three card reading is a stellar way to have a snapshot of what is going on.

How it works

  1. Click on the “buy now button”.
  2. Selected the date and time for your reading. Note: readings are completed within 24 hours and emailed to you in a written format. Selecting a time puts your reading into my cue in that order for that day. Results will be delivered in a written format to your email box.
  3. Share with me a question you have been wondering about your work / career, romantic relationships, family situations or health. Details about the specific person will help clarify the intensions and the message.
  4. Should you need any clarification on the reading, I am more than happy to guide you with further details.
  5. That is it! It’s as simple as that! Remember that you have the power to create your own reality. These readings are guided messages and it is always up to you to take action and control your present and future.

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