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Maybe you’ve lost a loved one and are looking for a way to reconnect?
Maybe you feel like your angels have a message for you, but you can’t figure out what it is?
Or maybe you’re just feeling uncertain with everything going on in the news right now? 
With all that is going on right now (Father’s Day just having passed, events on the world scene), I have had many people reaching out to me for guidance. For this reason, I have decided to offer readings at a special price for this Thursday and Friday. I will be conducting all sessions for $1 per minute (30 minute minimum) instead of the regularly priced $100 per hour. If you are unsteady or unsure about what to do, please reach out so that we can get some answers or find some strength for you.
When? Thursday (06/21/2018) & Friday (06/22/2018) from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM
How? EASY! I have opened my online booking system for you
Go to the site, select a time, register yourself, and I will call you at that time from the For Heaven Sakes Books store. 303-964-9339
Come by if you would rather see me in person!
Monday’s In Person Location

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Deanna will call you at your scheduled appointment time. If you prefer Skype, Facetime, or in person please email us at deanna@ toolsofenergyprotection .com after you have booked your session time.

To reserve your personal one to one session with Deanna in Denver on Thursdays at For Heaven’s Sake Books call 303 964 9339. Space is limited so call to book your spot today!

Shifting Energies can create New Realities and

New Experiences that will  amaze us and heal us.


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