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At Tools of Energy Protection, we aim to address a number of different spiritual scenarios in which our clients need the aid of arcane knowledge & assistance.

$111.00 per hour

One-On-One W/Deanna

AIs there an area of your life that is unclear, are you experiencing unexplained issues in your health, or unable to connect with that someone special in your life? Are your ready to boost the energy level in your life and restore your vitality, sex drive, and passion for life?


Coffee Chat

Not ready to get started yet, or have a few questions before we get started? Let’s have coffee at the Zoom coffee shop. Twenty minutes will go quickly so be sure to write down your questions so we can explore as much as possible and create a viable solution together. 

$55.00 per half hour

Angel Reading

What are you angels saying to you right now? When you open up to hear your angels’ messages, every aspect of your life becomes more peaceful. You will feel more confident in knowing the direction that your life is headed, and renewed in your faith.

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