Room of Comfort & Healing For All Lightworkers, Empaths, Highly Sensitive People, and Star Seeds.


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Shield your Energy from Psychic Attack

Highly Recommended Energy Cleansing Meditation

Meet the White light Healing Beings from the comfort of your own home.

Instant Access

Learn the incredible leading edge techniques to  transforming your energy and upgrading your shields right now! 

In this time of uncertainty, sensitives are looking for an increasingly efficient and effective way to take their power back. 

What if you had access to that remarkable knowledge? How would it change your life and increase your energy levels?

What if you could understand the power that you now possess, and the ambiguous they doesn't wants you to know that you have? 

What if you knew how to access the the highest known level of healing beings, and receive their direct healing?

In this one hour program, you will learn how to access the power for a daily cleansing ritual to clean off the energy gunk. You will learn how to leverage the energy of the Universe to manifest all things ~ an incredible 20 minute exercise! You will how to access the highest level of white light healing beings that Deanna Gloyd has employed in her energy healing sessions with thousands of people who have experienced one to one personal sessions. 

Part One: Clear instructions and guidance to cleanse your energy of gunk 

Part Two: Meditation to access the Universal Energy for manifesting.

Part Three: Installation of Crystalline Energy Shield

Parth Four: Introduction to the White Light Healing Beings


😄What are the benefits of a digital program?

Attending a digital programs gives you the flexibility and access to the program at all times.

😄Where do I access my digital program? 

After purchasing Room of Comfort you will receive an email with your access information. In the email, you will receive a link to downloadable material. (If you don't receive it right away, please check your spam controls, or junk email).

😄What if it doesn't work?

Connection with SPIRIT / Source is alway there. There is nothing greater than the light. Allowing yourself to be at one with the experience will generate greater results than resistance.