Saying Hello to the Other Side with Deanna

Deanna Gloyd
Saying Hello to the Other Side

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Losing a loved one is one of the most stressful events anyone can endure. It brings with it not only the loss of the physical presence, but many unanswered questions, and sometimes unresolved issues. When we are faced with such an upsetting situation it becomes a time to morn, process our feelings, and make positive choices as we experience bereavement. But questions still remain: Where are my loved ones? Did they cross over to the other side? Do they know that I miss them? When I sense the presents of a deceased love one, is that real?

One of the most meaningful and powerful aspects of my spiritual calling is to help others through mediumship, also known as spirit contact, so that they are able to move through the loss of loved ones that have passed from the physical body.

To be transparent, being a medium takes quite a lot of energy as I must adjust my vibration to be able to hear, feel, sense, or know what the loved one is attempting to communicate.
In some instances it is difficult to hear them because they have newly crossed over or transitioned.

With patience and love, I am able to establish a temporary line of communication with them and receive messages, thoughts, and even pictures for those who are still here on the earth plain.

Over time I have noticed that some of the spirits are funny and like to give me riddles to figure out, some are very serious and deliver a point of concern they have for the loved ones they left behind, and others are seriously curious about me and how I can hear or see them. I have to giggle when they tell me they do not believe in people like me – yet here they are talking to me! 🙂

If you are ready to connect with a loved one on the other side, or one who has newly transitioned, here are the details to connect:
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Are you looking to book a private session? Click here or cut and paste into your web browser.

Deanna Gloyd is a gifted healer, paranormal investigator, and energy worker with over 15 years experience in her field. She is the co-author of Stories and Adventures of the Dearly Departedand noted speaker at the Body Mind Spirit Celebration in Denver. 

Testimonial: What have clients experienced in the past?

“My husband and I recently had the opportunity to work with Deanna.  We were seeking some consolation and help in understanding the events surrounding the death of our son, and had unresolved answers regarding the incident.
Our session with Deanna was one of the most remarkable encounters we’ve experienced. She has a beautiful, calming and loving warmth that is felt easily.  She connected very quickly to Spirit and was able to provide clarity, insight, and perspective that we didn’t otherwise have.  Deanna was able to speak to specifics in our lives that only we would know in our family situation, confirming for us, without a doubt, that she was working with and conveying messages from her Spiritual connectivity. While our grieving will continue for our loss, we were strengthened by the peace provided in knowing our son is in a beautiful place.  Our session gave us some answers that have led us to put some puzzle pieces together further allowing us to move forward positively and faithfully in our lives.
I had heard about Deanna through a mutual friend who spoke highly of her gifts.  I am so glad he told me about her as I have done the same with many friends and family already.  We intend to call upon her again in the near future.”
—Linda S
Dallas, TX

What to Expect:

• Come with an open heart and mind. If there is someone that you would like to hear from on the other side, come with that intention, and know that they, like you, have free will choice and will make the choice to communicate or not.
• Spirit beings are very capable of communicating, and when they desire to communicate, they will adjust their vibrational frequency so the medium can communicate with them. People who are highly sensitive may feel a pressure change in the room. This is perfectly normal.
• You may desire to bring a pen and paper to take notes. During a reading, information may come that you do not identify with. Make a note of it, and take it with you to process, it may make sense to you later.
• In a gallery setting, if the spirit does not make itself clear who they desire to communicate with, Deanna may ask you some questions to verify who they are speaking to and confirm the information that is being received.
• Information received from spirit beings is pure energy and transferred through frequency into concepts. These concepts may come to the medium in the form of physical description, cause of the passing, memories that are shared, a name, topics of conversation that you have had in the last 24 hours with others, significant dates, or awareness of other things that have happened in your life recently. The spirit may even indicate signs they have used to communicate with you that you have not previously recognized. Please be ready to verify these pieces of information so that message can be successfully received.
• All spirits that come forward to be recognized will be given the opportunity to cross over to the other side if they have not already chosen to transition. This is an amazing process that can be done quickly and easily when they are ready.
• Our time together will be approximately 2 hours with a short break in the middle. Questions will be addressed at the end of our time together. Should a question arise when Deanna is working with someone in the group, please write it down and ask it during the Q and A time.

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