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Are you Surfing the Energy Wave?

Dear Highly Sensitive Person, we are living in a time of swift energy changes with lots of bumps and re-alignments. There are so many highly sensitive people who are challenged by just going to work everyday because they feel like they do not belong there. They feel a higher calling and are finding that what they use to do is just not working for them anymore. BUT they still have to make a living and put food on the table. This is such a challenging place to be in.


If you are here, this is probably where you really are:

  • Experiencing challenges spiritually shielding yourself.
  • Uncertainty on how to embrace your high sensitivity and the world around you in an abundant peaceful manor.
  • Frustrated with energy vampires, or feelings of fatigue after nurturing other people all day long.


and here are the problems you’re dealing with:

  • Continually feeling drained from trying to maintain your energy shields, but not sure how to change them or strengthen them, or just learning where to start.
  • Left feeling uneducated about your gifts, and how to navigate the seemingly rough sea of the emotions all around you, without living in a vacuum.
  • Attempting to avoid energy vampires, but finding yourself in a continual sea of them.

But you can have and experience something truly different. How?

Step 1: Click here for the Self Esteem Workout For Highly Sensitive People.

Step: 2 Start by reading day one, and click at the bottom of the page for the next day. It is clearly labeled “Click here for day one”, two, etc.

Step 3: Put into practice each day as it is designed to help you make a step by step shift, but you may read them all at once.

I will share with you additional secrets in a free inclusive Get Acquainted session on:

  • How to recognize why your current shielding technique is not working, and what to do about it.
  • Gaining a better understanding about your spiritual gifts and how they work with being a highly sensitive person.
  • Learn about energy vampires: how and why they target you.

Click here to get started on the  Self Esteem Workout For Highly Sensitive People.

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