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Deanna will call you at your scheduled appointment time. If you prefer Skype, Facetime, or in person please email us at deanna@ toolsofenergyprotection .com after you have booked your session time.

To reserve your personal one to one session with Deanna in Denver on Thursdays at For Heaven’s Sake Books call 303 964 9339. Space is limited so call to book your spot today!

What Clients Say. . .”Thank you-thank you thank you-Deanna for this amazing for this gift of meeting & connecting with you! Our sessions with you last Saturday @ For Heavens Sake-for myself- Hubby Gilbert were a true God/Great Spirit Miraculous Blessing! We have been processing-digesting all week! Amazing results being brought forth by us both! Many offsprings now looking forward to future readings. Our two babes Deanna & Monica also thought you were a triple home run! Love you forever Orlanda.” Orlanda, Denver, CO.

Saying Hello to the Other Side with Deanna

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