Ever since I was a small child I knew that I had a special gift, and the people around me were aware of it too. It all began when I would walk up to total strangers and tell them what I saw that could change in their lives, so they could be happier. Of course, this was not well received, and it embarrassed my mother.


As I grew older I found more and more people would ask me what I thought about certain things. What I didn’t know is that most of time I was right, and they knew it also but never told me. I struggled to hide my gifts as I thought they did not serve me in trying to fit in. I felt very alone and isolated. I struggled to feel accepted and loved.


Seventeen years ago, my life took a dynamic change. I suffered a traumatic loss and was diagnosed with situational depression. During that time my brain could not function more that to process what was right in front of me. The gifts that I had struggled to hide came bursting forward, and I could no longer deny them.


So I prayed, and asked God to guide me. I prayed diligently asking to see the face of God, and to know what my Divine Purpose was. One evening I was visited in my living room by what I can only describe as a glowing ball of blue and white light. The glowing ball of light remained stationary as I approached it step by step. As I grew closer I saw the face of God, energy riveted through my body, and I knew.


Since that day I have been blessed with many more spiritual gifts. I know that God is working through me and with me each step of the way. Recently, I met a woman who was suffering from chronic back pain. She had received many treatments, but none has been able to cure her chronic pain. I asked her if I could shift her energy and she accepted willingly. Once I connected to her energy I found an imbalance of emotional energy that had been stored in her body due to years of an abusive marriage. I visualized lifting this energy out of her back and replacing it with God’s love. After a moment her eyes lit up, “It’s gone!” she exclaimed, “the pain, it’s just gone! Thank you!” One week later the woman returned to tell me she was pain free after that.


And that is how my journey has been after I saw the face of God and fully embracing my gifts.

I am now a fully realized intuitive healer and author, and I’m dedicated to using my gifts to help people eliminate their energy blocks, raise their vibrations and manifest their ideal realities.

My unique method combines a comprehensive grasp of intuitive and empathic perception, energy clearing and useful next steps to help you reliably recognize your core vibration of your true inner self, and harness your sensitivity so all areas of your life can change for the better!

As an Intuitive Healing Energy Facilitator I have worked with over 6,500 clients worldwide to shift their energy and conscious connection with God / SPIRIT Source creating a meaningful and lasting transformation to their lives.

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Introductory session 40 minutes. This introductory session is designed to help you discover your life path and your life purpose, gain valuable insight about what blocking you from creating your Divine abundance and living the life of your dreams. This a a great gift for a loved one, and grab one for yourself too!

Deanna is an Intuitive Healer and Medium. She uses her abilities to shift, change, and transform people’s lives. She has worked with over 6,000 clients and demonstrates these talents this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at For Heaven Sakes Books. Energy tools can be instantly applied to raise your vibration and clear your manifesting, relationship, and health blockages,. Energy can be shifted without being in my direct presents.

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In depth session 90 minutes.

This in-depth session is designed to help you discover the energetic barriers and subconscious beliefs that prevent you from manifesting your wealth and abundance. During the session you will learn more about what they are, how they came to exist, and which ones are sabotaging you!

Deanna will use a special technique to clear your abundance blocks from your energy field with a unique technique called Energy Clearing. There is a special and powerful tool that thousands have experienced and reported feeling lighter, more energetic, and free.

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