We meet every Tuesday to talk about living with more joy in the reality that we are currently living in.

  • Energy Shift Updates
  • Discovering your Gifts
  • Mini Energy Clearings
  • Schumann Resonance Report
  • and tips to navigate the energies as your soul grows and expands


5 years proven leading edge spiritual leadership as seen on YouTube 

I will keep you on the leading edge of energy shifts and hot political topics.

I will help you see the truth and the light of plantery evolution. 

Create a life that make you S.M.I.L.E

What’s included in Membership?


Why are you feeling the way you are ~ understanding the energy shifts for the week.


Weekly Mini Energy Clearings from the Luminous Beings.


Discover your Divine Gifts and Expand your consciousness

Join our spiritual community of kindred souls seeking wisdom, understanding, and acceptance  . . .just like you. 

We meet on Zoom platform live every Tuesday morning at 8:00 AM MST. All LIVE and will be recorded to watch later. Link Sent via email.