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INTO THE NIGHT Evening Se’ance with Deanna Gloyd Special Event Location: 4900 W 46th Ave, Denver, Co 80212


Transport yourself back in time to the Golden Age of Spiritualism when clairvoyants bring message from beyond the grave into a public gathering called Séances. Spirits from the beyond are said to appear as ghostly apparitions, faint smells, or chilling specters often rapping on the table top as a form of communication. During the Séance the Medium, as well as other participants, can receive and speak channeled messages, experience uplifting feelings of divine love and the presence of a spirit guide. Participants may also experience seeing different degrees of lights, forms, and colors in varying intensity where there is seemingly nothing.

dreamstime_xs_3536625Connect with your loved ones, meet kindred spirits, and be a part of the Séance with renowned Intuitive Healer and Ghost Hunter Deanna Gloyd.

Come and join us on Sunday, October 29th, were time and space will seem to fold and all things become possible.

We will begin at 5:30 PM and close the Séance at 7:30 PM. Arrive in a timely fashion so we can all be connection to the same Spirit.

Deanna Gloyd is a Medium, Intuitive healer and, Master Dowser who has had over 10 years’ experience in the ghost hunting field. Her work has been featured at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum. As an intuitve healer she has worked with 6 thousand clients and demonstrates her talents in private gallery readings, individual sessions, workshops, and online events. Private consults are available in her Loveland office, and Thursdays at For Heaven’s Sake Books in Denver by appointment.

Select your seat for Into the Night featuring evening Séance with Deanna Gloyd by fhs-logo-fb-750x750-300-pathschoosing one of the options below:

Reserve your seat now Click here to register online

Seats are $37/Person or $66/Couple prepaid; $42/person day of the event.

Fair warning this event sold out quickly last year, with a repeat performance that also sold out! Get tickets now http://forheavensake.com/into-the-night-seance-10-29-17.html, or by clicking here. 

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