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Spiritual Awakening Academy October 2022

  • The Spiritual Awakening Academy includes 12 months of training that will incorporate:
    • Three independent study videos, one being delivered on each Sunday of the month, the fourth Sunday will be free study to catch up and no video will be provided. 
    • Helpful resources and hack sheets with each video to quicken your results, increase your intuition, stop self doubt, and gain your emotional and energetic freedom.
    • Guidebook: Weekly video handout will serve as a guidebook for you upon completion of the Academy, be sure to print them out or save them to your computer as we go along.
    • Two action packed Q & A’s each month to focus on the most important, streamlined, energy protection awareness activities in each stage of the academy so you that you know exactly what to do on a regular basis (no more guessing, I will show you exactly what to do). Q&A’s held on Zoom platform on Wednesday evening. 
    •  Four Master Classes teaching the Akashic Records. Master classes will be held on Saturday, and Sunday. Student will be given the dates in advance and should plan on attending all three days in a Zoom platform.
    • Spiritual Mindset training sessions to powerfully increase your self love on a daily basis and finally allow you to be receptive to the intuitive messages that are coming into your life (These are the ones that Deanna uses to produce her own results) .
  • This is a complete training package that includes all three levels of Power, Lifeforce, and Action.
  • Stage 1: Power Learn how to take your power back in every aspect of your life (even if your starting from scratch) 
  • Stage 2: Harness the life force, an easily accessible endless power (all you have to know is how to access it, the rest is up to you) 
  • Stage 3: Akashic Records wisdom and healing power. 
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