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Supermoon Go Jo November 2016 – Day 3!

Whoo! Hoo! The Supermoon Go Jo is still in motion and it’s day 3, or night as the case may be!   Super moon Go Jo day 3! If you did not get in on yesterday’smanifestation you still have time! Yesterday we made a… Continue Reading “Supermoon Go Jo November 2016 – Day 3!”

You Just Never Know

You Just Never Know – – – I remember New Years 2013. I was tired, emotionally battered, and feeling like life held little meaning or purpose for me. I cried out to SPIRIT to be release from the sorrow and pain that I had… Continue Reading “You Just Never Know”

Welcome to 2016 ~Let’s do this Together!

  Happy New Year Everyone! As you have noticed I have been a little quiet over the holidays, and here is the reason. In September I made a decision about what I wanted my December to look like. In years past I had settled… Continue Reading “Welcome to 2016 ~Let’s do this Together!”

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