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Spiritual Evolution on Steroids! Boom 💥

What do 7 planets in retrograde bring? More energy for intuitive minds to receive nourishment, feel uplifted, and power up for the next level! 💥 Can you handle it?!

6 planets in retrograde rebirth the consciousness!

6 planets in retrograde rebirth the consciousness! Are we headed for a life with shields up or beaming up? I know it’s crazy talk as we face fear and being positive in our lives at the same time. Time to steer with your compass in one hand and your monocular in the other!
Your ability to tap into your heart and your emotions will be a powerful compass as the world begins to unfold in the next level of the birth of its consciousness.
Understanding the positioning of the planets will help you focus the light into your current reality and shift into a more joy filled space.

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