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🚧Moving Beyond Karmic Blocks 🧭Easy Solutions

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What is Karma and how does it affect my job? It seems like I can’t stand up for myself and everyone walks all over me.

Replenish💪Your Vital Energy Now!

Let’s face it being an empath in today’s world is exhausting, and having the courage to step into your full potential . . .well it can be a lot. I totally understand. 

Psychic Attack on the Rise😲

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In this episode Deanna reveals the shocking truth about psychic attacks on the Rise😲 But it is not what you think. Here is how to identify the danger, and rid yourself of the unwanted energies!

👉Akashic Records, Narcissism, & Gaslighting

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Today’s Question: What is the relationship between Akashic Records and Narcissism? How does gaslighting effect my Akashic Records in my current life, and how does that relate to past lives? And what does that mean to empaths?

3 Ways to Breakthrough what Challenges you😲

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“I am trying to stay connected with SPIRIT through meditation, thoughtfulness, and prayer, but I have so many challenges that I feel like I am alone. I feel like I am cut off from my Angels. How can I breakthrough these challenges when I feel so alone?”

Akashic Records and the Inner Child

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2021 is going to be the best year ever. Why, you may ask? I am going to share something that is going to change your inner world, and help create your best life ever. The incredible energy shifts this year are supporting you in… Continue Reading “Akashic Records and the Inner Child”

Need ENCOURAGEMENT to keep going?

What would it feel like to be totally able to come out of the closet and say, ” Hey, I am powerful!” Would it be life changing? Would it change everything?

I have a question for you. . .

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Hello Beautiful Soul I would like to ask you a question. Before I do I would like to share a little more about me and the services I offer. I am an Energy shift advisor and I work with Schumann’s Resonance frequency to help spiritual… Continue Reading “I have a question for you. . .”

Countdown to the Age of Aquarius

Hello Lovelies! How are you in this time of spiritual rebirth and great spiritual awakening? There are many signs showing themselves right now as to what is real and what isn’t. It is up to us to face what is being presented to us… Continue Reading “Countdown to the Age of Aquarius”

Taking your power back now during the Lion’s Gate season, and what does 3 A.M. mean?

The alignment of the Star Sirius with the sun and the constellation of Orion bring us a unique opportunity among all the Schumann’s energy shifts to release our struggles and obstacles. During this powerful week the DNA is activated, the consciousness of every human… Continue Reading “Taking your power back now during the Lion’s Gate season, and what does 3 A.M. mean?”

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