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🌻Empath Talk: What is stuck in your energy field?

For the first time I am revealing behind the scenes information about how and why spirits hide in your chakras after death. There are many reasons why deceased loved ones do not cross over, and instead stay behind. The challenge is that this effects… Continue Reading “🌻Empath Talk: What is stuck in your energy field?”

Reading for the Collective Consciousness May 22-29th, 2023

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May 22 to May 29th the collective consciousness, and yes, perhaps you too, will see a huge shift in the way our angels and guides are communicating with us. There are some real zingers that will either get you moving forward in your life, or you will feel truly held in place. 

Room of Comfort for All Light Workers, Empaths, and Highly Sensitive People

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Room of Comfort for All Light Workers, Empaths, and Highly Sensitive People

Star Signs and Akashic Records

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Did you know that the alignment of the planets and stars you were born under determine part of your journey here on earth. Highly trained astrologist can look deep into your planets and stars to reveal experiences, beliefs, and behaviors you are currently aware… Continue Reading “Star Signs and Akashic Records”

The Mysteries of Now!

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Are you aware that you are aware? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Are you finding yourself more and more anxious? Does it feel like you have less time to get things done and no matter how fast you go there is ALWAYS more? Are the walls of your… Continue Reading “The Mysteries of Now!”

👉Akashic Records, Narcissism, & Gaslighting

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Today’s Question: What is the relationship between Akashic Records and Narcissism? How does gaslighting effect my Akashic Records in my current life, and how does that relate to past lives? And what does that mean to empaths?

Akashic Records, Self Esteem, & Solar Eclipse

Change, transformation, saying goodbye to old beliefs, patterns, and what feels comfortable is  not an easy task.

It’s the next big breakthrough ~ Embracing Emotional Freedom

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o help you understand how to take action on the little things that will ultimately get you exactly where you desire to be in your emotional freedom. It starts with a guest Akashic Record reading – a peek inside cracking the code of a current struggle

What are Energy Healing sessions?

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What is energy healing, and how does i work. How can it help you . ..

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