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eye of the storm image from outer space

As a sensitive you have a very powerful affect on the energy around you. In combination with your direct connection with God / SPIRIT / Source you can become a powerful part of the lightworkers collective consciousness.
Join me now in asking that all that have been lost or displaced from families be found and reunited, that all the First Responders, National Guard, Sherriff / Policed Departments, task force, or highway patrol receive the support they require to do their job including financial resources, food, rest, and duty rotation. Ask SPIRIT that all animals in need of rescue be found and taken to safe havens, that all people who lost their lives to be reconnected to the other side.

It’s time to defuse emotional triggers.

It is time to defuse the emotional triggers within ourselves and guide this planet to a high level of love and peace!Are you ready? The first step is awareness. We must be fully aware of what emotional triggers are and where they are coming… Continue Reading “It’s time to defuse emotional triggers.”

Taking your power back now during the Lion’s Gate season, and what does 3 A.M. mean?

The alignment of the Star Sirius with the sun and the constellation of Orion bring us a unique opportunity among all the Schumann’s energy shifts to release our struggles and obstacles. During this powerful week the DNA is activated, the consciousness of every human… Continue Reading “Taking your power back now during the Lion’s Gate season, and what does 3 A.M. mean?”

Should you look new normal in the eye?

What does the new normal mean for Empath’s and Highly Sensitive People? If you anything like other sensitive’s, you are feeling the anxiety of the collective consciousness, and doing the best you can to hold yourself up as you comfort others. You feel unsure,… Continue Reading “Should you look new normal in the eye?”

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