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How to make sense out of the current kayos

Energy ups and downs have been fast and furious over the last several days creating a roller coaster effect on your energy, your emotions, and your relationships!!! Use the < > below to roll back and forth between the critical frequency and resonance. Have… Continue Reading “How to make sense out of the current kayos”

REd Alert: Light Status Is now changing. Here is help!

Headaches, Nausea, depression roller coaster, crying at the drop of a hat? Weird dreams? Night Sweats? Insatiable thirst? Unable to stop sleeping? Get help here: https://wp.me/p3SHt0-2eh Here is why, the electromagnetic pulses of the planet are hitting an all time high creating an attunement… Continue Reading “REd Alert: Light Status Is now changing. Here is help!”

50 things I have learned being on this planet

1. Things are not always what they appear. 2. People will hide what they do not want you to see, but they will tell you everything you need to know. 3. There is no understanding a sociopathic mind. 4. Best friends are for a… Continue Reading “50 things I have learned being on this planet”

Three Smokin’ Hot Deals before July 1st!

  Do Not Miss Out on these Three Smokin’ Hot Deals this month! Irresistible Smokin’ Deal #1! It is time to experience energetic freedom, take your power back, and raise your energetic vibration! Start by accepting your complementary copy of the  Quick Start to Energy Protection guide here, if you… Continue Reading “Three Smokin’ Hot Deals before July 1st!”

Creating traction to achieve your goals for this year!

Incredible! This year is just flying by, and I asked myself what have I set out to do this year that I have not accomplished or even began to create? Where am I in moving forward to embracing a happier and more abundant life? What am I… Continue Reading “Creating traction to achieve your goals for this year!”

Energy Shift Update: April 16, 2015

Energy Shift Update: Short, sweet, and to the point. STOP COMPLAINING! This shift is making a noticeable push toward completion of issues and challenges in our lives. Time to let it go! Notice that things are wrapping up. You will begin the cycle again… Continue Reading “Energy Shift Update: April 16, 2015”

Energy Shift Update March 25, 2015

Energy Shift Update March 25, 2015 March is almost over – hang on. This shift has been a tremendous blessing for those who have been willing to let go of their “stuff” and embrace a new and brighter more joyous future.  If you have… Continue Reading “Energy Shift Update March 25, 2015”

Energy Shift Update 1/28/15

Energy Shift Update: The energy is shifting us where we need to be right now. If you are feeling a great resistance – consider letting go and letting God / SPIRIT guide you. All yourself to heal, to be joyful, and at peace. All… Continue Reading “Energy Shift Update 1/28/15”

Energy Shift Update 1/26/2015

Energy Shift Update: Are you feeling the drive to take your life to the next level? Something deep inside saying hey there – get moving – what are you waiting for? Well that is me! You? Big shifts are readily available with the shift… Continue Reading “Energy Shift Update 1/26/2015”

Energy Shift Update January 10 2015

Energy Shift Update: Things are getting wild and wooly right now. Self esteem is a pushing through where before it lay dormate. If you are feeling a great big urge to change things right now – set a goal, make a plan, and go… Continue Reading “Energy Shift Update January 10 2015”

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