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Energy Shift Update January 10 2015

Energy Shift Update: Things are getting wild and wooly right now. Self esteem is a pushing through where before it lay dormate. If you are feeling a great big urge to change things right now – set a goal, make a plan, and go… Continue Reading “Energy Shift Update January 10 2015”

Set a Goal, Make a Plan, Get Results!

When is it time to live your best life ever? NOW! How to master your thoughts! See what is blocking you with new vision and move past it! How to Overcome your fears! How to raise your self value in partnership with God /… Continue Reading “Set a Goal, Make a Plan, Get Results!”

Energy Shift Update: Small shifts with big results

Energy Shift Update: Looks for things that have been unresolved for a life time to come into alignment with being resolved. These things can become forced if we do not recognize them and give way to natural progression. These shifts will seem small at… Continue Reading “Energy Shift Update: Small shifts with big results”

Energy Shift Update: July 26,2014

Energy Update July 26,2014 Congratulations! We just made it through a HUGE energy shift. There may be a little fall out still – but you made it. Take a deep breathe in! And exhale! We have a brief reprieve until August 10th when the… Continue Reading “Energy Shift Update: July 26,2014”

Energy Shift Update: May 1, 2014

Energy Update May 1, 2014  Personal Note:Thank you to all those who are sharing with me how the energy shifts are showing up in your life. It brings comfort to know that others are feeling it as well. Letting me know what you are… Continue Reading “Energy Shift Update: May 1, 2014”

Energy Shift Update: April 29, 2014

Energy Update April 29, 2014  Energy Update: Welcome to Core Values time! If you have not already felt this shift – open up to receiving the influx of new energy – and allow yourself to embrace true Divine love. It is fast and furious… Continue Reading “Energy Shift Update: April 29, 2014”

Energy Shift Update: April 23, 2014

Energy Update April 23, 2014  Energy Update:  Whoo! It’s it time to embrace a new skin! The energy of this planet has shifted and many are feeling it with little understanding as to what is going on. Here is the clue – it is… Continue Reading “Energy Shift Update: April 23, 2014”

Energy Shift Update: February 15, 2014

Energy Update February 15, 2014  Energy Update: It is time to choose your tools. SPIRIT is indicating that the time is coming that we must choose what is going to keep us in a strong energy position for the next twelve months. There are… Continue Reading “Energy Shift Update: February 15, 2014”

Energy Shift Update: February 8, 2014

Energy Update February 8, 2014  Energy Update: We are between two new moons so the energy is fluctuating greatly. It is time to let go of any old baggage you have been holding onto.    Is there a reason behind the emotional ups and… Continue Reading “Energy Shift Update: February 8, 2014”

Energy Shift Update

Energy Update January 31, 2014  Energy Update: I worked with several clients this week who were seeking their life purpose with great urgency. The overwhelming feeling of a sense that they were not on their true life path – if only they knew they… Continue Reading “Energy Shift Update”

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