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Take your💪Power back Now!

In this weeks video, I am going to focus on taking your power back. It is not what you might think. Each person has the power to control their thoughts, beliefs, and actions. All it takes is awareness. The more aware you become the… Continue Reading “Take your💪Power back Now!”

Psychic Attack on the Rise😲

monkey on tree trunk

In this episode Deanna reveals the shocking truth about psychic attacks on the Rise😲 But it is not what you think. Here is how to identify the danger, and rid yourself of the unwanted energies!

👉Akashic Records, Narcissism, & Gaslighting

woman with gas lamp

Today’s Question: What is the relationship between Akashic Records and Narcissism? How does gaslighting effect my Akashic Records in my current life, and how does that relate to past lives? And what does that mean to empaths?

5 Healthy 💖 Strategies to Create Joy in Your Life🎈

5 healthy strategies to create joy in your life 2022. To create joy in your life follow these 5 healthy strategies.

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