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Reading for the Collective Consciousness May 22-29th, 2023

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May 22 to May 29th the collective consciousness, and yes, perhaps you too, will see a huge shift in the way our angels and guides are communicating with us. There are some real zingers that will either get you moving forward in your life, or you will feel truly held in place. 

Retrograde or not 🌺Today is going to be a Great Day

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Retrograde or not today is going to be a great day. Each day we decide if today is going to be a great day or not. Making this simple decision places you in the vortex of experience. 

Should you look new normal in the eye?

What does the new normal mean for Empath’s and Highly Sensitive People? If you anything like other sensitive’s, you are feeling the anxiety of the collective consciousness, and doing the best you can to hold yourself up as you comfort others. You feel unsure,… Continue Reading “Should you look new normal in the eye?”

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