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Coronavirus Shield Activation

The Corona Virus Shield Activation is for you if: You find yourself wanting to have peace of mind, feel more safe and secure, without picking up the fear of others? You are asking yourself: “Why am I feeling anxious? Picking up the energy of…

It’s Terrific Tuesday ~ Tips for difficult family situations during the holidays.

Hello My Lovelies! We are coming up on the holidays and can be facing difficult and stressful family situations. For those of us that experienced a less than stellar upbringing, or were raised in an emotionally toxic environment, this time of year can be…

🙋‍♀️ It’s Terrific Tuesday! What do narcissistic and empaths have in common? Holiday’s don’t have to be hard.

We are making beautiful bold new changes here at tools of energy protection for💞 all sensitives🙋‍♀️ everywhere! The holidays don’t have to be hard for sensitives, yet often they are as we come together with those who are supposed to be our safe place ~ family. If you…

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