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Should you look new normal in the eye?

Staying calm and centered works if you know how to tune into your inner voice correctly, accept your spiritual awareness, and practice your skills daily. If you’re ready to stop struggling, embrace life with courage, and get answers to what keeps you awake at…

REd Alert: Light Status Is now changing. Here is help!

Headaches, Nausea, depression roller coaster, crying at the drop of a hat? Weird dreams? Night Sweats? Insatiable thirst? Unable to stop sleeping? Get help here: https://wp.me/p3SHt0-2eh Here is why, the electromagnetic pulses of the planet are hitting an all time high creating an attunement…

🤪 Good Afternoon! Crazy Energies bring restless feelings . . .


The high level of electromagnetic energy has been pulsing for the last few days very heavily. Have a look at the charts from last 15 days. There is a pattern developing. My understanding is that there will be 6 cycles of 12 days burst….

Special Invitation

Special invitation to join us on Facebook for the Sensitive Fight Club. We are exploring the current energies and creating awareness through action and connection. Click here now to join.  Here is a sample of today’s post.👇 🧙‍ Today’s mission for sensitives is to begin…

Energy Shift Update January 1 to January 7, 2019 Welcome to high extreme energy!

Welcome to the new high extreme energy! You are either feeling extremely high and energetically jazzed or very energetically off balance. This is some craziness in the world of energy connection, so here is what’s happening. What is happening? The center of the solar system…

Energy Shift Update: July 24 – July 30, 2018 Stop the World ~ do you want to get off?!

Stop the World ~ do you want to get off?! Woe-Wee! Can you feel it now?! The ups! The Downs. Emotional outburst and upheavals. The calm before the storm, and then the storm.The aftermath!  Bazinga!                 What does…

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