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These 3 Keys To Embracing Your Intuitive Abilities!

Each week more and more people are feeling the urge to enhance their intuitive abilities and have been asking me how to take the first step with confidence that they are connecting with SPIRIT and the Light. Over the last 10 years I have spent many of… Continue Reading “These 3 Keys To Embracing Your Intuitive Abilities!”

Energy Shift Update: July 19,2014

Energy Update July 19,2014 Welcome to the perigee Moon – We are in day 7 of 12 day cycle. This is the time where we are being asked to dig deep and forgive ourselves and forge a new relationship with our True Divine Self and… Continue Reading “Energy Shift Update: July 19,2014”

Energy Shift Update: Jul 15, 2014

Energy Update July 15,2014 There is a great awakening happening within you. If you are searching for answers about why you are feeling things that you have never felt before, or suddenly find yourself questioning the “norm”. Congratulations you are being called by God… Continue Reading “Energy Shift Update: Jul 15, 2014”

Energy Shift Update: Jul 12, 2014

Energy Update July 12,2014 Welcome to the perigee Moon – a time where the Moon is closer to the earth so it can appear up to 30% brighter. If you felt a big shift today or last night – shazam! You are right on target,… Continue Reading “Energy Shift Update: Jul 12, 2014”

Energy Shift Update: Jul 4, 2014

Energy Update July 4, 2014  It is time for Personal Freedom  There are so many people out there wondering what the heck is going on and why do they feel the way that they do.  The challenge right now is to be able to… Continue Reading “Energy Shift Update: Jul 4, 2014”

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