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Angels👼, Ancestors🧓, and Ascension🙌

Hello Beautiful Soul!It is so important that we stay the course right now, and I know it is super challenging! The stakes are high as this planet shifts into a new frequency. What does that mean? Well it means that the human body being… Continue Reading “Angelsđź‘Ľ, Ancestors🧓, and Ascension🙌”

How do you protect, nurture, and shield your energy?

Juggling so much right now ~ and SO over it! Fatigue over the last few days has been a bit overwhelming, and I am ready for a little R&R from all of the energy shifts.  Check out the Schumann Resonance Frequency from today, June… Continue Reading “How do you protect, nurture, and shield your energy?”

Weirdness? Unexplainable headaches? Fatigue?

The question I am hearing the most today is what happened Sunday (April 19,2020)? Did you experience any of the following? off and on headaches with little to no explanation of why huge surge of anxiety, anger, and agitation the desire to sleep for… Continue Reading “Weirdness? Unexplainable headaches? Fatigue?”

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