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Energy Shift Update:October 9 to 15,2018 Valuable Keys to Navigate Venus Retrograde

Hello Everyone! I have a few questions for you. First, Take a deep breath, relax, and answer these question from your heart! It is getting in touch with your heart that is going to take you where you desire to be anyway, so let…

How to release Energy Draining People from your life.

As this world shifts into a higher and higher energy vibration ~ more and more highly sensitive people are being asked to step forward and claim their Divine Gifts and be of greater service to both themselves and others. What do I mean to…

Clearing and Shielding Your Energy as a Sensitive Person

LIVE APPEARANCE AT DENVER BOOKSTORE ON THURSDAY! Whoo -hoo! Is is summer and a great time to be out and about, vacations, events, and outdoor cookouts with family and friends! If you are anything like me you have readied yourself with sunblock, a big…

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