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What is your body telling you about love? Aches, pains, and a new moon!

Self love is the fuel that is driving the crazy train this month! Whoo-whoo! All aboard! My physical body has been talking with me big time! I have experienced head aches and body pain like never before. I wonder if this is partly because…

Energy Shift Update December 18 to 24, 2018, It’s time for a break! Finally some good news!

Energy Shifts have been happening at a very high rate of speed during 2018. Planetary alignments that haven’t happened in thousands of years, decades, or even centuries have all come together to create the Light Age! This is a huge time of energy surges…

Energy Shift Update December 11 to 17, 2018 Energies are wild and crazy! Where are you?

The Energies are crazy, crazy, crazy! Are you on the express train to wild crazy vill? The fluctuation of the frequencies are looking deep within each person and pulling forward the non-sense that we have been tolerating over the last 365 days. If find…

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