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Countdown to the age of Aquarius – December 6, 2020

Hello it’s Deanna with your energy shift news ~On December 21,2020 Jupiter and Saturn will align – the closest conjunction since 1623. Check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pope_Urban_VIII for little history lesson. As these energies align and fluctuation before snapping into their alignment like a lego ~… Continue Reading “Countdown to the age of Aquarius – December 6, 2020”

Victory Begins in the Dark

My beautiful sensitive people – empaths, highly sensitive people, lightworkers – your victory begins now! It begins in the dark. Have you been feeling an overwhelming sense of dread over the last few weeks. A sense of looming especially in the evenings? A student… Continue Reading “Victory Begins in the Dark”

Angels👼, Ancestors🧓, and Ascension🙌

Hello Beautiful Soul!It is so important that we stay the course right now, and I know it is super challenging! The stakes are high as this planet shifts into a new frequency. What does that mean? Well it means that the human body being… Continue Reading “Angels👼, Ancestors🧓, and Ascension🙌”

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