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3 Way to Know if your Life Partner is your Soulmate (or not) 💞

1. Intensity in the Connection. A soulmate is connect to your through a spiritual consciousness and involves intense feelings of the heart and mind. This kind of relationship can seem alluring and downright addictive, however, the intensity rarely last past a year or two….

🙋‍♀️It’ Terrific Tuesday ~ Do you absorb other people’s energy?

Do you absorb other people’s energy? Often people who are empaths or highly sensitive people absorb other people’s negative energy. This is not a conscious decision, it is an innate ability given to them by God / SPIRIT / Source. This is a divine…

🙋‍♀️ It’s Terrific Tuesday! Strategies for avoiding holiday stress and family drama!

We are making beautiful bold new changes here at tools of energy protection for💞 all sensitives🙋‍♀️ everywhere! Tonight we have turned down the lights ~ turned up the ambiance ~ for a mediation to relieve holiday stress. Deanna is working this week to release new downloadable versions. Stay…

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