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It’s getting a little nuts~feelings and emotions are all over the place.

Hi Lovely Sensitives!  It’s getting a little nuts here on planet earth! The vibrational frequency is transformatively all over the place! Time to relax, take it all in, and choose what creates a more peaceful place in your life. Can you imagine a peaceful…

The logical mind is being put to the test, the emotions are in a vice grip.

It’s Tuesday night live on Facebook and Instagram!  Mark you phone calendars now, set your phone for notifications and be sure to click follow, because your not going to want to miss a minute! This is some edgy sh@t coming in right now. The…

Energy Shift Update: Welcome to the Crazy Train ~ Crazy energy flux, lucid dreams, anger, and anxiety!

This weeks energy shift update brings understanding to what’s happening to you during these crazy times! Here are a few facts: The earths frequency is in a constant state of flux. Recently the flux has spiked from 7.83 to 15 to 25. These spikes…

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