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Are you feeling the Effects of Universal Alignment?

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Feeling stuck ~ like your doing the same thing over and over, when really you have been doing the same thing over and over creating the life of your dreams ~ right?

Energy Shift Update and Instructions to Shift♌ Lions Gate

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Are you feeling stuck? Are you seeking closure to an energy draining relationship? Let’s give you some traction now so you can focus on you. Are you ready?

Akashic Records, Narcissism, & Triangulation

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Today’s Questions: What do Akashic Records, Narcissism, and Triangulation have in common? How to use the New Moon energy to clear your karma?

Mastering a New Way to think in 2022!

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Deanna talk about how to master a new way to think in 2022

Red Alert: All Sensitives on Deck!

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Red Alert: All Sensitives on Deck! Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus line up to deliver a powerful energetic force. This energy can be used for good, or evil. Faith, hope, and love are the dominate energy sources.

Time to decide: Rising out of the darkness? Or staying in Purgatory?

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It is our time as lightworkers to shine in this world! The magnitude in which the frequencies are shifting and uplifting is almost too much to process.

So how do we process it? How can we be sure that we are going to make the cut? Tune in and ride the information wave. Deanna shares a many behind the scenes best practices that she has never shared before. Watch now. 

Stuck? Stop depleting your energy, start thinking.

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Here’s what I desire you to know. As your spiritual gifts grow beyond your awakening phase (yeah!), you will become increasingly more conscious of energy.

4 Planets in RETROGRADE, RU trippen’?

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Mercury left retrograde while Jupiter and Neptune began their backspins on June 22, 2021. Pluto and Saturn are also on the dance floor for the four planet happy dance.

Energy Shift Insights For EMPATH, STARSEED, AND HSP ~June 2021.

I encourage you to have confidence in yourself. You have all the skills necessary to move forward in small incremental steps while the rest of the world, that is not awake yet, feels like it is going backwards. For a while events in our current timeline will seem like they are going backward, this is an illusion. Keep moving forward with your life.

Akashic Records, Self Esteem, & Solar Eclipse

Change, transformation, saying goodbye to old beliefs, patterns, and what feels comfortable is  not an easy task.

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