Energy Shift Update: August 7 to August 13, 2018 Energy fluxing like a tennis ball in a dryer!

Energy fluxing like a tennis ball in a dryer!

 Retrograde planets and upcoming eclipse!

Hello Everyone! This is not the time for me to be sweet, formal, and huggie! This the time for truth, this is the time to pull out the stops, and ditch the negative beliefs about yourself. The time is now to center and balance within!
There are a few exercises that can help you get out of your own way and remove the frustration, anxiety, and fatigue you are feeling right now. Get pen and paper before you click play on the video. A few of these techniques could be exactly what you need.

There is a time coming very soon where the energy of this planet will shift and the world scene will change very quickly. If you are not centered and balanced it will be easier to knock you off your center.

What you may be experiencing right now:

  • High levels of anxiety, and frustration
  • General lack of energy
  • different nutritional requirements
  • Huge relationship realignments
  • Negative messages running in your head about self image

Big Hug!


P.S. If you are experiencing high anxiety or feel like a tennis ball in a never ending dryer let’s get together and take a little pressure off. Click here to select our time together. 

Energy Shift Update: July 31 to August 6, 2018 New Opportunities to Love yourself !

New Opportunities to Love yourself unconditionally!

Up until now we have been receiving lessons from the divine with a mix of mental and emotional reasoning.
It is in this mix of mind and emotions that have given us opportunities to shape ourselves.
Sometime we have used reason to navigate our experiences, and other times we have given way to passionate expression.
The later has landed us in trouble when it would have been better to take a breath and walk away.
The current flux of energy is providing a foundation for us to look at new possibilities based on faith and love. It is an inward deep love of self. And for those of us who have had challenges in loving ourselves, or even knowing how, this is a particularly difficult time.
New opportunities are being brought to you by God/ SPIRIT. Be open to doing new things where the old ways have failed. Open your heart, and listen. Logical mental thinking is not working right now.
It takes courage to accept the help. God is bringing the things and situations you desire. Trust!!! Move forward. Live from your heart!
There are habits and beliefs from our past that are in the very DNA in our physical body that can have a baring on the way we feel about ourselves in the here and now. Which beliefs in the video do you identify with?

If you are experiencing high anxiety or feel like the dryer sheet in a never ending dryer let’s get together and take a little pressure off. Click here to select our time together. 

What you may be experiencing right now:

  • Periods of deep fatigue and requiring a lot of rest, and longer sleep periods
  • High Levels of agitation
  • Body aches and pains more prevalent than usual
  • Intense feeling of challenging emotions
  • Deep resentment toward people or situations that are no longer in your day to day life.
  • Anxiety rushes and fits of crying for seemingly no reason
  • Feeling a deep shaking sensation inside, like something is about to break

How do you move forward?  See your life for what it really is. A blessing and a gift. Evaluate who is is time to let go from your life, and who to allow to help you. Set some boundaries around your personal energetic space and move forward with developing your self-love and your connection with God / SPIRIT.

Big Hug!


How to Free Yourself from Negative Thoughts


Energy Shift Update: How to Free Yourself from Negative Thoughts

Do you ever find yourself throughout the day having negative thoughts that you are not sure where they came from? Thoughts that pass through suggesting that you are not good enough to accomplish your dreams, that it is simply to late to switch to something that your heart has been seeking?

There is a huge energy shift that has been happening for the last several weeks stirring up the very depths of our soul. It has been the catalyst behind pervasive thoughts causing us to think more and more about our life purpose, how we feel about and express our relationship with money, and why we have allowed, or not allowed, certain people to be a part of our lives.

I have had countless number of clients calling me this week asking why they are feeling stuck or why they are not where they feel they should be at this time in their lives. Feelings of frustration, doubt, and powerlessness seem to be the norm for this energy shift.

The most recent energy shift is resonating at a higher level of consciousness that involves belief systems.  What do I mean by belief systems? From the time that we are first forming thoughts and processing the world around us we are creating beliefs. We form beliefs about our life purpose, how we express and accept money, and how to attract and cultivate relationships with other people.

Money is one of the most powerful items that has been trigger with this last energy shift. It is an intangible substance that we have and create a relationship with. It is either something we divinely flow or something that seems to allude us. How we interact with it comes from the beliefs that we absorbed by watching our parents or families discuss money.

For those who are feeling stuck and struggling with making more money, reaching that next big promotion at work, or taking their business to that next big level, take a moment to reflect on the messages that you received from your parents or those around you as you were growing up. Did you hear messages such as: “Money is tight right now so we can’t afford (insert desired object here),” or “you have to work hard in order to make a living'” or “you can’t have everything you want.” These messages became belief systems that were fed into our subconscious mind laying dormant until we began to earn and work with money.

The subconscious mind holding these messages to be true then sets up a defense mechanism that perpetuates itself as negative blocking thoughts that create an invisible block also known as fear.

One way to free yourself of these negative thoughts is to recognize where they came from, acknowledge them, and create a new story for yourself. When you hear thoughts of self doubt – take a deep breath, close your eyes, and ask where did that message come from. Ask when is the first time I remember hearing it. Once recognized see it dissipating, and create a new message. Replace it with a new thought, e.g.: “I am purposeful and diligent in creating my financial abundance.”

I encourage you to be diligent in this process. Take the challenge and become the master of your thoughts. Replace old beliefs with new ones that support what you know to be possible. The rewards of greater and freer thinking are amazing!

The current energy shift is really behind letting go of old belief systems. So set yourself free and ride the wave!

If you are feeling alone and would like some help to align yourself with this energy, embrace a step by step process so you know what to do next, and set yourself free ~ I am here to support you. You can join me here.

See you soon!