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Energy Shift Update April 16 to April 22 , 2019 Out of Sink with the Universe? Current Flu Info

Happy Spring Everyone! If you are anything like me you may have been feeling out of sorts lately . . .like you are not in line with the Universe. Are your correct? Or is this just your perception? One of my fantastically empathic clients,…

It is time to let your light shine!

Hi ! Hope you are having a great day. . . 🙂 In case you missed the earlier announcement, this weekend I am thrilled to be teaching Basic Level Spiritual Response Therapy class ~ and there are still a few more seats! In case…

Clearing and Shielding Your Energy as a Sensitive Person

LIVE APPEARANCE AT DENVER BOOKSTORE ON THURSDAY! Whoo -hoo! Is is summer and a great time to be out and about, vacations, events, and outdoor cookouts with family and friends! If you are anything like me you have readied yourself with sunblock, a big…

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