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Should you look new normal in the eye?

Staying calm and centered works if you know how to tune into your inner voice correctly, accept your spiritual awareness, and practice your skills daily. If you’re ready to stop struggling, embrace life with courage, and get answers to what keeps you awake at…

🙋‍♀️ Terrific Tuesday ~ Are you having trouble sleeping?

I am dropping in today to answer a question that I have been receiving: “Why can’t I sleep?” If you are having not been sleeping well over the last few days or weeks, then ask yourself: Do I feel responsible for other people’s feelings?…

The logical mind is being put to the test, the emotions are in a vice grip.

It’s Tuesday night live on Facebook and Instagram!  Mark you phone calendars now, set your phone for notifications and be sure to click follow, because your not going to want to miss a minute! This is some edgy sh@t coming in right now. The…

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