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Is there a Target 🎯On Your back?

We as lightworkers, healers, and way showers are feeling in large part overwhelmed, fatigued, and ready to go home. 

If you are anything like me it feels like your energy shields are not working, you are playing whack-a-mole with constant issues and challenges, and you are hiding your true self just to deal with all of this.


halloween drawings on a table

In this video Deanna reveals that her gift first began when she co-founded a private ghost hunting company, “The purpose of our ghost hunting company was to free those souls who were earthbound while creating a safe space for the living, I never knew that it would turn into mediumship.”

Large shifts in Universe, Political Unrest, high pitch whine unbearable

Large shifts in the Universe in both the political and personal arena are coming to a crescendo tomorrow January 5, 2021. Both parties in America are focused on their game plan if their side wins. As you know I am generally quiet about this… Continue Reading “Large shifts in Universe, Political Unrest, high pitch whine unbearable”

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