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Three Smokin’ Hot Deals before July 1st!

  Do Not Miss Out on these Three Smokin’ Hot Deals this month! Irresistible Smokin’ Deal #1! It is time to experience energetic freedom, take your power back, and raise your energetic vibration! Start by accepting your complementary copy of the  Quick Start to Energy Protection guide here, if you… Continue Reading “Three Smokin’ Hot Deals before July 1st!”

Creating traction to achieve your goals for this year!

Incredible! This year is just flying by, and I asked myself what have I set out to do this year that I have not accomplished or even began to create? Where am I in moving forward to embracing a happier and more abundant life? What am I… Continue Reading “Creating traction to achieve your goals for this year!”

These 3 Keys To Embracing Your Intuitive Abilities!

Each week more and more people are feeling the urge to enhance their intuitive abilities and have been asking me how to take the first step with confidence that they are connecting with SPIRIT and the Light. Over the last 10 years I have spent many of… Continue Reading “These 3 Keys To Embracing Your Intuitive Abilities!”

Energy Shift Update: April 16, 2015

Energy Shift Update: Short, sweet, and to the point. STOP COMPLAINING! This shift is making a noticeable push toward completion of issues and challenges in our lives. Time to let it go! Notice that things are wrapping up. You will begin the cycle again… Continue Reading “Energy Shift Update: April 16, 2015”

Energy Shift Update March 25, 2015

Energy Shift Update March 25, 2015 March is almost over – hang on. This shift has been a tremendous blessing for those who have been willing to let go of their “stuff” and embrace a new and brighter more joyous future.  If you have… Continue Reading “Energy Shift Update March 25, 2015”

Energy Shift Update February 2, 2015

Energy Shift Update: Things are in real flux right now! Be careful what you set in motion. The good as well as the bad are easy to create right now. Steady your course. Keep peaceful thoughts. See the bigger picture. Blessings to you! Deanna… Continue Reading “Energy Shift Update February 2, 2015”

Energy Shift Update January 10 2015

Energy Shift Update: Things are getting wild and wooly right now. Self esteem is a pushing through where before it lay dormate. If you are feeling a great big urge to change things right now – set a goal, make a plan, and go… Continue Reading “Energy Shift Update January 10 2015”

Set a Goal, Make a Plan, Get Results!

When is it time to live your best life ever? NOW! How to master your thoughts! See what is blocking you with new vision and move past it! How to Overcome your fears! How to raise your self value in partnership with God /… Continue Reading “Set a Goal, Make a Plan, Get Results!”

Energy pulling away stumbling blocks

Energy Shift Update: Energy is pulling away from us that which has been a stumbling block in the past. Allow yourself to release people, places, or things that no longer support who you are becoming. The New is coming.

Energy Shift Update: Small shifts with big results

Energy Shift Update: Looks for things that have been unresolved for a life time to come into alignment with being resolved. These things can become forced if we do not recognize them and give way to natural progression. These shifts will seem small at… Continue Reading “Energy Shift Update: Small shifts with big results”

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