I am truly amazed and delighted by the awe-inspiring stories that clients are sharing after we have spent time together.
I give thanks to SPIRIT / God for the expanded work that I have been given to facilitate.
None of us can say that we truly perform miracles, but we can say that we are grateful to be the vehicle through which Divine knowing is shared, and the gifts of the Spirit are present.


Deanna is truly amazing to work with one to one. She connects and works with your guides to reveal what is truly blocking your from the life that you desire to lead in areas of wealth / abundance, health, and relationships. ~ anonymous

 On an Accurate Pendulum Dowsing class:
“Before I took Deanna’s dowsing class I had very minimal skills with my pendulum, I had been using it for over twenty years .. She taught me how to connect with spirit and ask questions properly.. I learned more control with my pendulum and better connection to the universe.
I plan on having one on one sessions with her so that I can connect with my father.  If you want to learn about your own skills and connection with spirit definitely give Deanna a call.. I will be!!!!
Maryanne Z ~Wheat Ridge CO

On an Accurate Pendulum Dowsing class:
“I would like to share my most recent blissful experience with Deanna Gloyd. I attended Deanna’s dowsing class, along with a room full of other women. I had dabbled in pendulum work prior to this, but was never really sure if I was getting an accurate reading, or how to really prepare myself to do dowsing work. Deanna started the session with one of the best guided meditations I have ever taken part in. After that she taught the class the foundation of dowsing. I left the class feeling inspired and had a very noticeable energy shift with in myself. I was able to take home new techniques that will help strengthen my intuition and my pendulum work. This class was just one of many delightful experiences with Deanna, I have also had numerous one on one readings. Every time I have had a reading I have left feeling much lighter energetically and much more confident in what direction to take my life path. Deanna truly is a blessing to the spiritual community. I would- and do- highly recommend her to anyone looking for a wonderful intuitive experience.”
Madison Reynolds, Denver CO.

I am writing to share this truly amazing story with you today. A couple of days ago I met with a new client who had been referred to me. We briefly discussed her current situation in which she shared that she was a singer / songwriter and had been having trouble singing lately because a sinus infection that had caused her ears to plug up. The drainage not only blocked her ability to perform her beautiful music, but the drainage also contributed to a continual cough. In addition, she had been experiencing some issue with her balance as she walked which was causing her to stub her toe frequently. We all know how painful that can be (big smile).
The day after our session I received this text from her:”I haven’t even noticed the pain in my sacrum at all, and today is the first day I have not coughed at all since I got sick. I didn’t feel like I had any sinus build up this morning. My feet feel much lighter. So thank you so very much! It really helped . . . And I also wanted to tell you that when I looked at myself in the mirror right after the session, I didn’t remember looking like that because it seemed so much different and I was kind of shocked. But in a good way!” ~ CM in Fort Collins.

Sharon L Taylor of Plano, Tx shared this:
“I want to give a big shout out to Deanna Gloyd. As most of you know I strongly believe in doing things naturally. I DON’T like doctors and will do whatever I can to avoid them. Ask my husband. I also know that our body is made up of energy grids and sometimes when something gets out of whack then that energy grid has to be reset. I have been fighting bronchitis now for several days and it was only getting worse. Last night I could not lay down without coughing uncontrollably or blowing my nose to the point it was raw. All my normal things that I do were not working. So I contacted Deann this morning to see if she would reset my energy grid. Within in the 30 minutes that we were on the phone and her working on my energy grid my coughing stopped, and me blowing my nose was chopped to a minimal. A huge difference between when I talked to her and before her call. I feel like I am now going to live. It has been 2 hours now and I feel better and better as time goes on. If you find yourself in this situation in then you need to seek her out. . .I am highly recommending her. She has an outstanding gift in which I truly believe.”

Jenn of Northglenn shared this about her recent breakthrough session:
“Working with Deanna was amazing. During my reading she was very accurate with my life and past challenges without my talking first. She was able to help me understand my nightmares and deal with them on a conscious level . . . even better was her healing of my body with the help of her guides and seeing in her mind my problems. Since then my hip, which I was taking strong pain meds for, has felt normal and I haven’t needed any medications since. I look forward to my next reading and healing with her!”


Dawn had this to share about her experience:
“Hi Deanna!
I hope your event went beautifully, and all is well with you. Forgive me, but I must ask, how did you calm my troubles with anxiety? I have not needed any atavan since we met. This is a wonderful thing! It has plagued me all my life.
My son has been completely released with no restrictions at all! His surgeon was amazed at his follow-up. . .You will get another for the anxiety. What a gift! You have my everlasting gratitude.
Love and blessings to you


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  6. Deanna is Great! working with her one on one gave me clarity and cleared decades of blocked energy it is amazing how accurate Deanna is. Deanna is a blessing and a gifted healer for everyone she works with. Thank You Deanna, Love and Light Always

  7. Hi Deanna,
    It was just last Thursday that I saw you. We decided I shouldn’t stress too much about my job hunt. If I were to do looking maybe I should concentrate on woodworking. It’s been less than a week and I already have a job in a wood shop.
    Thank you for your energy and help with this, and other things like my physical being!
    Tim Hult

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