Hello Everyone! As you know I love to connect once a week and talk about the latest crazy energy shifts that are happening on Tuesday on Facebook and Instagram Live at 7:30 PM Mountain Standard time. The links are below ~ If your curious join us this Tuesday!

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Deanna Gloyd is metaphysician pioneering the world of metaphysics, classic physics and modern physics in the field of spiritual reality. She specializes in Akashic Records accessing information of the journey of each soul across all time, space, and dimensions. Deanna is an Energy Shift Advisor working with Schumann’s Resonance to help spiritual awakening people to understand the ascension process.

In her readings she enjoys working with Star seeds, Empaths, and Highly Sensitive People to help them take back their personal power and own their place in the Universe. To ask her questions live, join her at 6:00 PM Mountain Time Tuesday night at

Deanna is a master dowser specializing in the Akashic Records. What are the Akashic Records? They contain all the information of the journey of each soul across all time, space, and dimensions. Accessing the records can transform the clarity of connection between you and spirit guides, upgrade your energy shield, release blocks to greater financial freedom, and even give insight into your current relationship.

 Do you ever ask yourself what is the high pitch whine or ringing in my ear? Deanna shares more about this experience and why you are having it. She is the only one currently offering training in how to access, understand, and utilize these frequencies. The high pitch whine has been linked to upgrades, downloads, and adjustments in the DNA frequency.

Do you suffer from other people draining your energy, and often wonder how to shield yourself? Do you frequently become overwhelmed, feel stuck, or overeat to cope with the stress? It is time to take back your power, and discover the wonderful possibilities in creating a balanced life as a empath, highly sensitive person, or star seed.

You most likely have a million questions and are looking for a place to ask them. Deanna would like to invite you to her live show Terrific Tuesday that takes place on Facebook each Tuesday at 6:00 PM Mountain time. There she shares more information about the latest energy shifts, spiritual awakening tips, and educates Sensitives on how to get started taking their power back. To get started click on the link to Facebook now Then click follow to receive notification of when she is live. If you’re not a Facebook user, the replays are posted here

Private session are currently available and easy to book at

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  7. Hi Deanna,
    I was at your event yesterday (Sunday evening).
    I was disappointed because I didn’t receive any messages or communications, even though I have parents and my husband who have passed over.
    What might this mean?
    – they have nothing to say,
    – I don’t need to hear what they have to say,
    – too much extraneous ‘noise’,
    – I’m doing okay?
    Any suggestions or ideas as to why?
    Thanks — Angela (bright yellow t-shirt on your left at event)

    • Hello Angela: I am so glad that you came to the event. It has been my experience that spirits come through on their own and flow the information gently to the medium. There could be a variety of reasons that there was no contact that night; however, I do not think there is, or was, anything amiss. Perhaps a more relaxed and private environment would be a better fit for you and I. I would suggest that we get together for a one to one session and explore your questions, the number to call is 303-964-9339. I will be at For Heaven’s Sake this Thursday and Friday, November 2 and 3, 2017. I look forward to meeting with you soon.

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