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Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus Deliver a Powerful Punch

These frequencies are stimulating the hippocampus (learning and memory) and the isocortex (sensory and motor skills). The tones are vibrating between the two creating a rhythic neuro signal. The brain takes these two similar frequencies or sounds and combines them into one sound. Sensitives that are able to focus on the sound for a longer period of time will be able to hear the two distinct frequencies.

I bring you hope, joy, and love! 🤗

On the graph you will notice an abundance of energy at 4 Hz. This energy can be used by the human mind to stimulate peace, enhance a trance like state, or even increase focus and concentration. The bonus is that it reduces anxiety. A sample of this sound can be found here The scientific evidence supports that God does give manna, or Mana in the Polynesian culture, from Heaven.


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In this video Deanna reveals that her gift first began when she co-founded a private ghost hunting company, “The purpose of our ghost hunting company was to free those souls who were earthbound while creating a safe space for the living, I never knew that it would turn into mediumship.”

Amazing Accuracy in Mediumship

One of her most unique talents is to be able to connect with deceased loved ones from anywhere ~ even when her audience is on the other side of a camera. Imagine being able to connect to an audience member that you can only read their question. Many psychic mediums rely on touching objects of a deceased loved one, connecting with an audience member in person, or hearing their voice. Deanna only had the Facebook live feed to read.

3 Reasons why Narcissist are attracted to Empaths, & How to Protect yourself.

the first reason why narcist are attracted to empaths, it is simply this – the need to feed. You see empaths are EZ targets for narcistic supply. Narcissists are like vampires, and they get their victims to stay in a trance therefore increasing the amount of time they have a supply.

4 Key Traits of a StarSeed

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Have you ever wondered what a StarSeed is? You have heard the buzz in the metaphysical community, and you still aren’t sure. Listen now as Deanna reveals 4 key traits or signs of a starseed. I would like to invite you to an entry… Continue Reading “4 Key Traits of a StarSeed”

Are You like Matthew? He is seeking clarity.

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He said, “I recently became more aware that I am sensitive and seem to take on the energies of those around me. I told a few of my friend that I was exhausted in my current relationship, and I honestly think she is an energy vampire. My friends just don’t get it, and they think I am nuts. I am not sure if I am an empath, or what. I wish there was someone that could guide me through these changes because there are so many videos and well meaning people, but I feel so lost. I really wish someone would just point me in the right direction .”

Spiritual Evolution on Steroids! Boom 💥

What do 7 planets in retrograde bring? More energy for intuitive minds to receive nourishment, feel uplifted, and power up for the next level! 💥 Can you handle it?!

6 planets in retrograde rebirth the consciousness!

6 planets in retrograde rebirth the consciousness! Are we headed for a life with shields up or beaming up? I know it’s crazy talk as we face fear and being positive in our lives at the same time. Time to steer with your compass in one hand and your monocular in the other!
Your ability to tap into your heart and your emotions will be a powerful compass as the world begins to unfold in the next level of the birth of its consciousness.
Understanding the positioning of the planets will help you focus the light into your current reality and shift into a more joy filled space.

Flooding, Fires, and Fear ~ Are you ready?🧭Massive Shifts to Joy!👈

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In this video Deanna covers some trigger subjects and gives guidance on how to align yourself with the highest vibrational frequency, or love. Other topics are juicy relationship energies, and why reason is being tossed out the window. New moon on September 6, 2021 combine with Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, and Uranus in retrograde create massive opportunities for a more joy filled life. What? Yes, listen now as Deanna reveals the keys to gain more joy.

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