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CERN and the Sirius portal🚨on the same day?!

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The Sirius Gateway and CERN are active on the same day?! Is this some sort of coincidence? I don’t think so. The Sirius gateway is a portal the creates an opportunity for sensitives to have a greater connection with their higher consciousness. CERN is the larges particle physics lab that is spinning and crashing particles together . . .and rumor has it that CERN is attempting to open a portal to another dimension.

Side Effects 🚨of Dimensional Shift and Time Jumping🎉

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Today I have a mindset shift that will help you be on the leading edge of information while soothing your soul. This video will allowing you to take a breath in your day to day life, and help you understand that what you are currently experiencing is about karmic balancing.  

2030 What Does The Future Hold?

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Today, June 14, 2022, was witness to the fall of both the stock market and crypto currency. This may seem like a big upset, and to me a bit suspicious as they both happened on the same day. A little to “weird” for me because the fall covered two markets ~ the old style inve

Energy Shift Update & Instructions to Shift

The most recent energy shift has some of us feeling drained, uninspired, pressure in our heads, and / or can’t see straight. Right? 

Replenish💪Your Vital Energy Now!

Let’s face it being an empath in today’s world is exhausting, and having the courage to step into your full potential . . .well it can be a lot. I totally understand. 

Mystery of the Ringing in the Ears Revealed!

When you have a clear and enhanced understanding of the extraordinary connection manifesting as a ringing or high pitch whine in the ears, you set yourself up to exponentially increase your intuition, produce more inner peace, and maintain mental clarity.

You Deserve Cutting Edge Support

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I imagine that you are self-reliant. A self-starter. Following your gut instinct, taking spiritually uplifting classes, practicing yoga, embracing your shadow work, doing your level best as an empath to remain centered and balanced, right? That’s worked up until now, and I am also… Continue Reading “You Deserve Cutting Edge Support”

4 immediate steps to create peace within 💙

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Today. let’s talk about the kind of quality of life your sensitive nature is currently providing you. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your quality of life (10 being ‘my current energy management affords me a dream life’ and 1 being… Continue Reading “4 immediate steps to create peace within 💙”

How to ride post eclipse energies! 🤪😎🤓

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Take your💪Power back Now!

In this weeks video, I am going to focus on taking your power back. It is not what you might think. Each person has the power to control their thoughts, beliefs, and actions. All it takes is awareness. The more aware you become the… Continue Reading “Take your💪Power back Now!”

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