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6 planets in retrograde rebirth the consciousness!

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6 planets in retrograde rebirth the consciousness! Are we headed for a life with shields up or beaming up? I know it’s crazy talk as we face fear and being positive in our lives at the same time. Time to steer with your compass in one hand and your monocular in the other!
Your ability to tap into your heart and your emotions will be a powerful compass as the world begins to unfold in the next level of the birth of its consciousness.
Understanding the positioning of the planets will help you focus the light into your current reality and shift into a more joy filled space.

Flooding, Fires, and Fear ~ Are you ready?🧭Massive Shifts to Joy!👈

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In this video Deanna covers some trigger subjects and gives guidance on how to align yourself with the highest vibrational frequency, or love. Other topics are juicy relationship energies, and why reason is being tossed out the window. New moon on September 6, 2021 combine with Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, and Uranus in retrograde create massive opportunities for a more joy filled life. What? Yes, listen now as Deanna reveals the keys to gain more joy.

Time to decide: Rising out of the darkness? Or staying in Purgatory?

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It is our time as lightworkers to shine in this world! The magnitude in which the frequencies are shifting and uplifting is almost too much to process.

So how do we process it? How can we be sure that we are going to make the cut? Tune in and ride the information wave. Deanna shares a many behind the scenes best practices that she has never shared before. Watch now. 


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As a sensitive you have a very powerful affect on the energy around you. In combination with your direct connection with God / SPIRIT / Source you can become a powerful part of the lightworkers collective consciousness.
Join me now in asking that all that have been lost or displaced from families be found and reunited, that all the First Responders, National Guard, Sherriff / Policed Departments, task force, or highway patrol receive the support they require to do their job including financial resources, food, rest, and duty rotation. Ask SPIRIT that all animals in need of rescue be found and taken to safe havens, that all people who lost their lives to be reconnected to the other side.

Are we living in the End Times❓ And what does that mean? 🧭Secrets of the high pitch whine revealed!

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Are we living in the End Times❓ And what does that mean? 🧭Secrets of the high pitch whine revealed!

🎇Everything is changing at an alarming rate🤨 👉High Pitch Whine Secrets👈

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Everything is changing at an alarming rate. In this video Deanna shares why sensatives are feeling exhausted, the secrets to the high pitch whine, and is time really speeding up?
Deanna Gloyd is metaphysician pioneering the world of metaphysics, classic physics and modern physics in the field of spiritual reality.

It is important to find your Zen ~ Now!

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In these changing time it is important to find your center, and reach out for help it you need it. Isolation is not a good option. If you are feeling uncertain about why you are feeling the way that you are right now, or feeling stuck please join me on Tuesday nights at 6:00 PM mountain time for enlightenment and wisdom. Here is the link, once your are there click follow., make sure your notification are on so you can see when we go live.

Coming Soon ~ the Empath’s Tool Kit

The empath’s tool kit is beginning to take shape.
There has been a request for an energy tool kit to be sent out each month to help you navigate the energy shifts.

There are several burning questions that deserve a heartfelt answer. If you have not yet let your voice be heard please click here and help the community create the tools and resources for energy protection.

Shift happens, the New State of things to come.

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Shift happens, the New State of things to come. This is the end of the phase of the first uplevel. Are you ready? It is 2021, what’s ahead.
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Interview with Victoria Whitfield Be #Visionary

Does your energy have anything to do with your sales productivity? The answer may surprise you.

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